Okaw Valley CUSD #302 is made up of the communities of Bethany and Findlay. Okaw Valley was created when the schools of Bethany and Findlay consolidated their school districts. One building in Bethany houses Kindergarten through 3rd Grade and another building the high school. The middle school is in Findlay. Besides a varied curriculum, the school also offers a wide range of extra-curricular activites.


Okaw Valley High School


Okaw Valley Elementary School

Contact Info

Kent Stauder
709 South St. John St. Bethany, IL 61914
(217) 665-3232
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Matt Shoaff
High School Principal
709 South St. John St. Bethany, IL 61914
(217) 665-3631
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Heidi Vander Burg
Elementary School Principal
319 N. Washington St. Bethany, IL 61914
(217) 665-3541
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